About the instructor

Lissa Michalak, NASM-CPT, DEP, RSMT/E, and Movement Hacker, teaches anatomy for fitness and movement professionals by taking the anatomy off the page and putting it into your body.

Lissa is the Chief Anatomy Geek at Somatic Anatomy®.com, where she combines traditional anatomy and mindful movement to give yoga, Pilates, dance, and fitness professionals a unique experience in their bodies—and show them how to pass it on to their clients.

Drawing on over 25 years of movement teaching (and a terrifying number of fitness certifications), Lissa taught Pilates teacher trainings in New York City, where she saw that professional dancers, athletes, and movement teachers need to move while learning vital anatomical concepts, so they can truly embody the ideas and techniques that will help their clients get out of pain.

She lives and works in New York City, using movement magic to help entrepreneurs and employees alike heal their bodies, upgrade their lives, and realize that pain is not a necessary part of life. 

You might find her online referencing obscure graphic novels or hanging out in cadaver labs talking about biomechanics

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